Join with others in Arizona to get your voice heard

This is called Action Media

Action Media not Social Media

Quickly moving issues on the state and federal level require quick action. After you sign up, you will receive text message alerts about current issues that need action.  Take quick action by calling your representatives or joining with others to make your views known in person.

Do your Action Media first.  Then post what you did to your social media.

Finding Your CD and LD

Before you sign up you need to know your Arizona Congressional District (CD) and Legislative District (LD).  The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission website is the best place to lookup your CD and LD based on your address.  Click on the image above to visit their website and lookup your CD and LD before texting the system.

Receive Arizona Action Alerts

If your CD is 7 and LD is 27, send this text message to 602-362-9111:


Replace CD7 and LD27 with your actual CD and LD number

Reply with  STOP ALL to end the alerts.

When you get the alerts, quickly place calls, or join with others visiting your elected officials.